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As the School Counselor, I am someone who loves every student. I listen to all students and don’t judge how they speak, what they say, or what they are feeling. When students talk to me, they can trust I will keep it a secret unless someone is being hurt, and if they share that anyone is being hurt, I will find help for them. I will be there for students when they feel lonely, sad, mad, happy, or have other feelings. When things at home or school don’t seem to be going just right, I can dry tears or help with problem-solving. Another part of being a counselor is to help students figure out how to fix mistakes and make good choices. If there is exciting news to share, I love to hear about it too! I am here for all students whenever there is a need.


I meet with students in various ways: (1) All students attend monthly Guidance Classes with me, and in these classes we focus on topics such as feelings, anti-bullying, making good choices, safety, careers, and other topics. (2) Some students may meet with me in small groups. These are on an as needed basis, and groups would focus on a topic such as dealing with divorce, anger, self-esteem, etc. (3) Students may meet with me individually as needed. I am available to listen to them and talk through the feelings and emotions they are experiencing related to any situation. I may also make referrals to outside counseling services if there seems to be a need.


If I can ever be of assistance to you or your family, please contact me at or (256) 784-5249.